About the

PLANNED Start up

in vitro  models

In the future, at TigerShark Science

we want to be at the

forefront of skin model technology.

Our mission will be to

provide advanced,

animal testing free and precise

next generation research. 

Harnessing the power of stem cell technology, our skin models replicate the complexity of human skin, including hair growth. Integrated into animal-free nanofiber meshes, our models offer a groundbreaking platform for research and testing.

Our planned product

complex skin models



Say goodbye to animal testing. Our models provide a cruelty-free alternative.


Mimicking the human skin's intricate structure, our models ensure precise results.


With the ability to cultivate at the air-medium interface, our models are a leap forward in skin research.

Our team


Dr. Dieter Groneberg

Amelie Reigl 

Dr. Florian Groeber-Becker